Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Here!

                         Head above the Clouds

                         Mile High Sunset

                         Sea of Cotton

I made it in to Guatemala a little ahead of schedule.  We apparently had a felicitous tail wind that got us here 10 minutes early.  By us, of course, I refer to myself and all the other passengers on the plane.  I was not travelling with anyone else.  Bob picked me up at the airport and it took about 30 minutes to get to his house.  He lives in a gated, guarded colonia.  All the houses have walls with razor wire at the tops.  From the road you cannot tell that there are nice houses inside the wall.

The weather is great.  I have been told that this area is called "The Land of Perpetual Spring."  Being from Texas, I'm not sure I have ever truly experienced Spring.  Texas only has two seasons:  Summer and Winter.  Winter is intermittent and usually only lasts a few days at a time.  I look forward to experiencing perpetual Spring.

Tomorrow we go to a church to build some metal doors for security.  They have been trying to create a more secure area for the church offices.  They have not finished this project yet and the church was recently robbed.

On a personal note, Pandora does not work outside the US.  Digially Imported apparently does not work with Linux.  I will have to find another internet radio site.  Any suggestions?

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