Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Past Week

Thursday and Friday we continued painting the house at Casa Shalom.  Saturday Bob and I went grocery shopping while Georgette cleaned the house.  Sunday was church.  We had lunch at an Indian restaurant.  It was my first taste of Curry.  Ironic that Guatemala should be my first taste of Indian food.  It was quite tasty.  Monday we finished painting the house.  Bob talked with a couple of the guys at the orphanage who are interested in learning how to weld.  We took a look at one of the buildings there  today and decided it would be a good place for a welding class.  Bob installed a connection for a 220v plug that we will be giving power to tomorrow.  The cistern for the clean water is right under this building and it overflows when they forget to turn off the water pump, so that will be our next task.  Bob purchased a float switch that will automatically turn off the pump when the cistern is full.  The problem is that the pump is pretty far away from the cistern, so we would need to run a signal cable halfway through the orphanage to get the kill signal to the pump.  An alternative that I will need to look into is setting up a radio signal.  I think that would be a lot cheaper and a lot easier if I can figure it out.

The Proposed Welding Shop

Spike the Dog.  El Perro de Casa Shalom

A VW van.  I have never seen a VW van in such good condition.

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